Sloppyadm is currently a bash based front end to samba's smbldap- scripts, and wget (to download updates from redhat, and generate apt package lists from packages placed in directories.

Update: Tuesday November 30 2004
Two new developers, who are actually working, on things. They actually got some nfs management stuff done. (It's not in cvs yet, because they haven't documented it yet. (plus I've got to reconfigure a firewall to allow it.) Also found a minor bug in the passwd f)

Update: Friday 30 April 2004
Added a file with the output if sloppyadm doesn't have a proper command, which documents all (or almost all) of the functions the command line does. Please note that this is the version in CVS. HERE

Update: Sunday 11 April 2004
Project is not dead :). I am still working on the GUI user manager. The Kommander setup utility is in sloppyadm/kommander-gui/setup.kmdr (see the cvs snapshot below). Use and bugreports would be apreciated!

Update: Friday 17 October 2003
Nightly CVS Snapshot here Working on GUI (based on Qt) For now I plan to have the setup be kommander based and the maintnence program be based upon a Qt gui. The limitation on the setup is that currently it cannot be done via ssh (as the maintence program is, in it's current implementation (not in CVS) able to do. Oh yeah, and this screws up the roadmap... Haven't tested it with samba3 yet.

News:(and apolgies for the bad website ;( ) 17 August 2003, I am back in the USA. I have gotten the setup mostly complete (basic setup works, now comes the tweaking, and security stuff (please note that the security on the LDAP server is VERY BAD by default, you either fix it OR hope, pray, sacrifice, offer, etc to the powers that be that you don't have some cracker anywhere, I will improve it, but haven't had time, and frankly it isn't that hard, and one of the major goals is the gui, so I am concentraing on that.) Screenshots are available here. [edit: moved screenshots to different page] I will be updating the roadmap momentarily, after ESC:wq :)

News: 25 July 2003, I am in Europe :) and have been working on trains (unfortuantely no access to other boxes to test, only my laptop and zaurus) and I have a small roadmap here. Additionally I just made a screen shot of the user.kmdr interface (which is the only one in cvs). Screenshots moved to this page

Currently, it is in use in a lab with openldap, samba (using ldap), cups(currently not handled by this script, and emerge (it was using apt-rpm with redhat 7.3 & 8). Various values are currenly hardcoded, but these places are noted, and will be moved to a config file, and can only be run from the directory it is in for some functions.

Currenly, there is a 0.01 release, but it is not that useful. USE THE CVS or nightly snapshot. Instructions are on the download page

I am working on adding a nice little setup script, that will basically get you a samba setup, a ldap setup, a cups setup, a printquota per user, and anything else it can be made to support. These will probably be distro specific, at the start.

As of now, setting up slapd.conf (openldap), smb.conf (samba) and everything but openldap are done (on a VERY basic level, slapd.conf for example has no security atm, which should be changed by hand atm) needs to be configured by hand atm, but other than that it should be done.
I the setup config has only been tested on a gentoo box. redhat should work (fingers crossed but as of yet, I haven't tested it)

TODO: Finish up the ldap checking for users and groups. Do more than just start the website, and get more of a GUI up. smbldap config lots of stuff get someone else using it for bugreports :)

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