Sloppyadm roadmap:



  • complete, from scratch setup on gentoo
  • DONE smb.conf generation
  • DONE slapd.conf generation
  • DONE ldap.conf generation
  • DONE (via installing common configs) ssh-based setup of linux ldap_nss and pam_ldap (using distro specific in redhat's case, and in main ()
  • DONE smbldap.conf generation
  • DONE GUI setup utility (requires kommander)
  • better default security, and a wizard to handle that (based upon kommander most likely)
  • testers testing it... hopefully lots


  • Support for samba 3*
  • Support for samba 3's backwards schema compatibility (for use with those based upon 2.2)*


  • kommander based gui for almost everything.


  • Schema based sloppyadm configuration of workstations


  • Being worked on: The ability to edit all the options via gui, and possibly a 'proper' qt based gui, becase kommander as nice as it is has some limitations (which I think will be fixed)


  • A way to have windows clients joined to the domain without any need for physically accessing the windows machine.
  • People using distros other than gentoo and redhat (and people using them as well)

Anyone willing to help please email people (pantherace something
*This should be easy because this is more of a meta project than anything else, and relies on smbldap tools which should be updated!

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