Currently, the release on sourceforge is old, and not what one wants to modify if they need to, thus using it is not recommended, there are daily snapshots available below, as well as instructions for getting cvs.

Daily Snapshot

Nightly CVS Snapshot here

Pull from CVS

Instructions are below:
in a shell, type (one line per line)
cvs login
cvs -z3 co sloppyadm

And either :
(just the program (everything else installed + configured))
cd sloppyadm
(setup requirements ... now 2 ways! text or graphical)
cd ./setup
edit sloppyadminit and adjust the values as you see fit

OR (graphical, If and only if Kommander is installed (if Quanta >=3.1 it should be))
cd kommander-gui
kmdr-executor setup.kmdr
this will install sloppyadm (currently not installing the 'gui')

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